Typology of Mary in the Writings of East Syriac Fathers – Rev. Archdeacon Dr. William Toma

The Sunset of Life And Positive Aging – Fr. Gewargis Sulaiman

The engagement, marriage and divorce according to Nomocanone of Mar Abdisho – Fr. Dr. Aprem Alkhori


Basic Features of the Liturgy with Especial Reference to the East Syrian Eucharistic Liturgy -Rev. Archdeacon William Toma

Modern Assyrian Hymns: The Introduction of the Vernacular in the Liturgical Services of the Church of the East

David G. Malick

50 Years of Service in God’s Light: A Commemorative in Honour of His Holiness Mar Dinkha IV

Socotra: The Mysterious Island of the Assyrian Church of the East

Stephen Andrew Missick   The Nestorian Christians of Socotra Socotra is an island off of the coast of east Africa that is governed by Yemen. For centuries all the inhabitants of the islands of Socotra belonged the Ancient Assyrian Church of the East, which was known as the Nestorian Church. The Ancient Catholic and Apostolic […]

Planting the Church of the East In Beth Kokheh

Philimon Darmo   We have two important historical facts which confirm the founding of the Church of the East in the Southern region of Beth Nahrain (Mesopotamia), in Babylon during the early years of the spread of Christianity.   The first letter written by St. Peter[1] the Apostle We read the first proof in the […]

Christ “The Hostage”: A Theme in the East Syriac Liturgical Tradition and its Origins

Dr Sebastian Brock This article originally appeared in Logos. Festschrift fur Luise Abramowski, ed. H.C. Brennecke, E.L. Gramsuck, and C. Markschies (= Beiheft, ZNTW 67). Berlin/New York: Walter de Gruyter & Co., 1993Sebastian P. Brock is widely acknowledged as the foremost and most influential academic in the field of Syriac language today. Dr Brock is […]