The Existence of God

By the Late Lector Dennis Mirza Introduction Atheists cannot argue that God does not exist, because they cannot demonstrate the non-existence of God. Instead, they take a more Agnostic view, and can argue that unless they see God, there is no proof for His existence. The famous Russian astronaut Yuri Gagaran orbited the Earth in […]

Commentary on the Second Sunday of the Resurrection

Reverend Fr. Dr. George Toma “New Sunday” John 20:19-29 The second Sunday of the Resurrection is called a new Sunday because our Lord Jesus Christ by His suffering, death and Resurrection renewed the whole world which was corrupted by the breaking of the commandment of God. The fathers of the Church of the East in regard of calling the […]

The Mysteries of Violence: Reflections on the Assyrian Crisis in Syria

Rev’d Archdeacon William Toma

An Introduction to the Divine Revelation

Reverend Fr. Dr. George Toma   The doctrine of the Apostolic Faith came from Divine Revelation. “Divine Revelation” is a doctrine which God Himself has revealed to mankind. God revealed the doctrine of apostolic faith to mankind so that mankind will rightly serve Him and will worthily give to Him due honor and praise. God […]

Worshiping Towards the East

Cor-Bishop Dr. Father George Toma Praying is not only a responsibility of a clergy; lay people are responsible to pray as well. A priest prays on behalf of the people, for the people and with the people. By the virtue of his apostolic rank of priesthood, he “the priest” is a mediator between the community […]

Typology of Mary in the writings of East Syriac Fathers

Rev’d Archdeacon William Toma